Can You Escape?

Can You Escape? for Android

Solve the puzzles to make your break for freedom

Can You Escape? is an engrossing puzzle game in which you need to solve clues to find your way out of a series of rooms.

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  • Addictive gameplay
  • Great variety of puzzles
  • Challenging
  • Smart design


  • Few levels
  • Doesn't make extensive use of touch controls


Can You Escape? is an engrossing puzzle game in which you need to solve clues to find your way out of a series of rooms.

Get out of there!

Each level in Can You Escape? is set in a different room. In each room there are a series of clues that lead you to your escape. You need to find hidden objects such as keys, screwdrivers, car jacks, etc. which you need to manipulate other objects with, or even combine two objects together (a drill and a drill bit, or a camera and a memory card, for example).

You'll also need to crack codes, using clues from the room to help you, and solve picture puzzles too. There's lots of variety in terms of the types of puzzles to solve, and each level requires you to follow the trail by completing several puzzles.

There are 10 levels in Can You Escape? and all are pretty challenging. However, once you've got the idea of the format you should be able to beat the game in an hour or so, though the developer promises to keep Can You Escape? regularly updated with new rooms.

Plot your escape

The controls for solving the puzzles in Can You Escape? are pretty straightforward. You tap on a part of the room to try to interact with it and you'll zoom into it if it's something that can be interacted with. Items you collect are stored in an inventory on the right of the screen and you can select an object by tapping it, then tap on the item you want to use it with.

It would be nice if there were more gesture-based controls in Can You Escape? to add some variety to all of the tapping around.

Neat and tidy rooms

Can You Escape? isn't graphically spectacular but it's neatly presented and is as detailed as similar games like 100 Doors or The Floor Escape. The jangly guitar soundtrack gets a bit much after a while, though.

The verdict

Can You Escape? is an addictive puzzle game which will give you a good mental workout. It needs more levels but it's gameplay already runs much deeper than many "escape the room"-style games.

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